On the Block

On the Block host, Ed Wilkinson, and his guests for the fourth season. Recent episodes of the show for this season are viewable below.

Guests include:

Father Vincent Chirichella – May 2
Our Lady of Grace Church, Brooklyn

Recent Episodes

Father Andrew Kim

April 25, 2019

Father Andrew Kim, was born in Korea to a father who was a Confucianist and a mother who was a Buddhist, talks […]

Fr. Robert Mucci

April 18, 2019

For decades, Robert Mucci traveled the world conducting business as an extremely successful insurance executive. But there was always something missing. Father […]

Fr. Ron D’Antonio

April 11, 2019

Movie buff Father Ron D’Antonio talks with Ed Wilkinson about his love of classic films and how he came to own an […]

Msgr. Michael Hardiman

April 3, 2019

Msgr. Michael Hardiman fondly looks back with Ed Wilkinson over his 40 joyous years of being a priest.

Father Gabriel Toro-Rivas

March 18, 2019

Ever since he was a small boy in Colombia, Gabriel Toro-Rivas wanted to serve God. But it would take more than forty […]

Fr. Eric Cruz

March 18, 2019

Is it possible to graduate college, get a job, and still become homeless? Father Eric Cruz tells Ed Wilkinson how it happened […]

Msgr. David Cassato

March 5, 2019

Monsignor David Cassato talks and laughs with Ed Wilkinson about his journey from Brooklyn boy to police chaplain to becoming the “Pope […]

Fr. Gabriel Gillen

March 5, 2019

Why would a successful Wall Street stockbroker, who grew up surfing in the Rockaways, give up his career to become a Dominican […]

Fr. John Gribowich

February 15, 2019

Pennsylvania born and educated, Father John Gribowich took a circuitous route to the priesthood. He taught high school for 10 years prior […]

Season 3 Highlight Reel

May 2, 2018

Take a look at some of the highlights on this season of “On The Block” with host Ed Wilkinson and his guests.

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