Pope Francis Celebrates Christmas Season With Youth

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Currents News Staff

Pope Francis met with children and their families who receive medical aid from the Santa Marta Dispensary. 

The dispensary is inside the Vatican and has provided medical assistance to families in need for over 90 years. 

The pontiff thanked the parents and volunteers for bringing joy to children’s lives.

“Bringing joy to children is a very great thing,” Pope Francis said.

 “Even parents who know how to play with children do a very great thing. To play with children, playing is the expression of children, who are innocence, promise, so many good things.”

He then addressed the children directly, reminding them of the need for hope, love and peace.

The Holy Father had a big smile on his face as he listened attentively to a children’s choir.

There were even some acrobatic performances, with one dancer on stilts, dressed as an angel with lights all over her costume.

There was also a living Nativity scene with the children playing the different characters.

Then a group of workers and children wheeled out a cake to celebrate Pope Francis’s eighty-third birthday.

Better late than never.