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Do you love movies? On Reel Faith, hosts David DiCerto and Steven Greydanus offer a Catholic perspective on the latest Hollywood releases and Father Robert Lauder selects his Movie With a Message. These are film reviews you can have faith in. The Gabriel award-winning REEL FAITH began in the Summer of 2010 and has produced well over 125 episodes.

REEL FAITH’S 7th Annual OSCAR Special is currently airing on NET with a look at all the David and Steven’s Top Ten Films of 2016, all the acting categories, predictions, snubs, and discussion of the Best Picture nominations of 2016 with Fr. Robert Lauder! Plus, we preview some of the more anticipated films heading to theaters in 2017!

You can tune in to see the show several times up until OSCAR NIGHT on Feb. 26th. Here’s a list of times and dates:

Sunday 2/19/17 (Saturday Overnight) at 4:30 AM 

Sunday: 2/19/17 at 7 PM

Monday 2/20/17 at 9:30 PM

Tuesday 2/21/17 at 10 AM 

Tuesday/Wed  2/22/17 at 4:30AM(overnight)

Thursday 2/23/17 at 9:30PM

Thursday/Fri 2/23/17 at 1:30AM (overnight)

Friday 2/24/17 at 3:30 PM 

Saturday 2/25/17 at 4:30 PM 

In the meantime, keep checking here for updated 60 Second Reviews (click on the top for THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 60 Second Review)! Of the 9 Oscar nominated Best Pictures, we currently have 60 Second Reviews for 6 of those nominees (ARRIVAL, HACKSAW RIDGE, HIDDEN FIGURES, LA LA LAND, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, and MOONLIGHT). We will have 60’s for FENCES, HELL OR HIGH WATER and LION posted soon! Other OSCAR nominees that we have 60 Second Reviews for include: KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS, MOANA, ZOOTOPIA, SILENCE, LOVING, ROGUE ONE, DOCTOR STRANGE  and THE JUNGLE BOOK!)

We’d love to hear from you! Comments, questions, suggestions, etc….feel free to e-mail us anytime at:

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Recent Episodes

60 Second Review – “Loving”

December 2, 2016

Steven Greydanus reviews the real-life drama of an interracial couple fighting for their love in 1960’s America in LOVING.

60 Second Review – “Doctor Strange”

November 21, 2016

David DiCerto reviews Marvel’s latest entry into their cinematic universe with the Sorcerer Supreme, DOCTOR STRANGE, starring Benedict Cumberbatch!

60 Second Review – “Hacksaw Ridge”

November 21, 2016

David DiCerto reviews Mel Gibson’s return to the director’s chair after a decade with the WWII story about American hero, Desmond Doss, […]

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