Ring Of Faith

Is Boxing a Sin or a Gift from God? Can a sport like Boxing coexist within religion?

Sports have a unique ability: they can bring together people of all races, creeds, and religions. They can instill a national pride in its players and fans. They can unite people over a common goal and allow them to forget the issues plaguing the world today.

It is very common to see an athlete praise God before a match, to show how grateful they are for the ability to play or participate in their sport. They pray for good outcomes and safe matches. In the end, they thank Him for wins and accept the losses because they make their gifts stronger.

But when does a gift become a sin? Boxers tend to see two colors: the black corner and the red corner. They can see past any differences, including social and religious. What makes it so easy for them to look past differences, while for us it seems so difficult? Why can’t we meet in the middle as a boxer does at the end of a match?

Ring of Faith follows world-champion boxers of different religions to see how their faith impacts their lives in and out of the ring. We see how they use their gifts to follow the path that God has set forth for them. We watch as they train and fight and how they react to challenges and setbacks. We listen as they explain how they identify with their beliefs in order to help inspire their communities. We also hear how they believe that they are called to be boxers. The documentary also looks at the effects of boxing on the youth. We speak with doctors about the long term medical effects of boxing on the human body and the results of CTE. We also talk with two men who created Atlas Cops and Kids Gym in Brooklyn in of one of the roughest neighborhoods in the borough. Their mission is not only to teach children how to box but also to give them a safe haven and the tools to live a better more productive life. Finally, we get an inside look at the church’s views and if they believe that sports have the power to unite people of different nations and religions and if the sport has a place in the Church.