Hispanos Inmigrantes Profesionales

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El camino inmigrante es único. Muchas personas llegan a Estados Unidos por diferente razones. En este capitulo conocemos a dos jóvenes adultos profesionales quienes llegaron de Latinoamérica durante diferentes momentos de su vida. Uno de ellos llegaron como niño acompañado con su familia cuando la otra vino como adulta para empezar nuevos comienzos.

The immigrant journey is one that is very unique. Individuals arrive in the United States for many different reasons. In today’s episode we meet two young professionals who left Latin America during different times of their lives. One arrived as a child accompanied by their family and the other as an adult on the path to new beginning. Both guests share the initial experience; the culture shock and how today they’ve turned their careers into one that is mission based and serves a greater purpose.