Stop Screening The Calls and Answer

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God’s calling does not change our destiny. What changes our destiny is the response to the calling. The Bible says that many are called but few are chosen. David Bisono and Jahaira Rodriguez spoke to a young man who responded to the calling of God in his life. So call a friend, tell your neighbors and text everybody you know – it’s time to get blessed. Believe it!

From David Bisono: God bless! I want to share with you my son’s latest single “Golden Age.”

David entered the seminary in September and uses Hip Hop as a tool of evangelization. David has been working in ministry and using hip hop in events, prayer groups and conferences for over 11 years. Now he is 18 and the way he writes and raps has matured and developed, turning him into a God loving and fearing man. Many years ago I remember approaching him and asking him, Do you want to have never-ending lyrics? He answered, Yes! I handed him a bible and from that day on he has used the word of God not only has his guide in life, but as the source of all he does and writes. His love for his church has led him to answer the call. In September he moved into Douglaston and is also a student in St Johns University. Will he be a priest? Only God knows, but it is our job to pray for him.

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Hope you listen and share. Please continue to pray for him and his vocation. God bless you and thank you for your support!