Preachers of Christ and Mary

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It was on September 5th in a small Colombian city, near the capital, where the sun heats up the morichales and the red moon embellishes the night sky of Villavicencio. On this day bathed by the sun of 1995, Monsignor Alfonso Cabezas, Bishop of the Diocese, receives Ad Experimentum the Pious Association Preachers of Christ and Mary, with a steadfast desire of being a Society of Apostolic Life in the Church that would live to preach the living and risen Jesus Christ. The fervent desire to let Jesus Christ be know, loved and served.

Which then is the charisma of the Preachers of Christ and Mary?
The gift that the Holy Spirit granted to the community Preachers of Christ and Mary for the Church is the enhancing and contemplation of Jesus as an itinerant preacher.

The spirituality that stirs us to daily live out our charisma is the contemplation of Jesus Christ on the Cross and in the Holy Eucharist, the tender and loving confidence in our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, and the profound friendship with the Holy Spirit.