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They were huddled in an upper room, filled with fear. They gave themselves to prayer and fasting. More than teaching Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, they had proclaimed that repentance was required to gain access to heaven through the final atonement of Jesus. In this episode of Mysteries of The Church, we will look at Evangelism, the history of those who spread the word of Jesus, and those who work to spread the gospel and Jesus’ message of service today. From the history of those who risked their lives to first spread the word of God, how does a desire to share this faith inspire us today? At Seton Hall University, we met with members of St. Paul’s Outreach, who boldly spread their message of love for Jesus Christ throughout the campus. We visited with Reverend Terry Troia and Michael McVey of Catholic Charities, who deliver food programs, counseling, and love to the needy on Staten Island, New York. And we visited one very special holiday party, thrown by Monsignor David Cassato, as well as many volunteers, who bused the needy people from Manhattan, New York to here in Brooklyn for a night of food, gifts, dancing, and friendly, one on one connections.