Youth Movement Brings Christ’s Healing to Homes With Online Challenge

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By Tim Harfmann 

Scrolling through social media, you might notice the latest campaign: #JornadaHealsChallenge

Organized by the Jordana movement, it asks people to share scriptures, hymns, prayers and other talents, then tag three people, challenging them to post online within 24 hours.

Jenni Gil started the challenge to strengthen faith during the virus crisis.

“I felt like this would be some type of way to bring some joy, some love, some light into people’s house,” she explained. 

In less than a week, over a hundred people started participating.

“It truly is just the work of God to see how it’s spreading and how so many people are enjoying,” she added.

Videos are getting creative. One person posted a project, writing negative emotions on plastic cups and using a bucket, representing Christ, to knock them down.  

Jornada’s spiritual director, Father James Kuroly, says the videos are what the group’s vocation is all about.

“We wanted to have something where the mission of the Jornada movement continues, which is evangelization, youth evangelizing youth.”

Jornada’s president, Daniel Estrada, says it’s important to shed light during this dark time. 

“All you see is about the virus, which is important, but I think sometimes we need a break from it and we need an opportunity to reflect, and we need an opportunity to realize how powerful our God is,” he said. 

And, you don’t have to be a Jornada member to join the challenge.