Yarns of Love Donate Thousands of Handmade Items, Combine Faith and Friendship

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By Jessica Easthope

Their patterns are complicated, but their purpose is simple.

The group of women, known as Yarns of Love, has knitted, crocheted and given away thousands of items to newly baptized babies, people living out their last years in nursing homes and everyone in between. They get together a few times a month in the basement of Resurrection Church in Gerritsen Beach. Phyllis Addalli founded the group 11 years ago.

“It started as a learning group, I offered to teach to get women together to make friends basically, I was new to the neighborhood and I wanted to make friends and they kept showing up,” she said.

Though the ladies have been making things together for over a decade, Gail Cassidy’s crochet hook has a few more miles on it.

“I started when I was twelve my grandmother taught me how to knit,” said the 84-year-old Gerritsen Beach resident. “It’s just something I love to do and I enjoy it, it keeps my fingers busy and out of trouble.”

Each woman brings her own skill to the table. With their craft comes community and an outreach Father William With says the church is grateful for.

“They make things to extend their ministry and the love of God to others, everybody comes together with that in mind, to use their talents and skills for others,” Father With said.

They’re with each other through thick and thin and when things unravel, they support each other.

“It’s wonderful but a little selfish, I’ve made a lot of friends and I love that, they’re just really wonderful people,” Phyllis said.

And they don’t do it for a thank you.

“They don’t know who’s in the group, there’s no face, we’re all invisible angels,” said Phyllis.

When Yarns of Love gets together, even if their products aren’t finished or imperfect – they make something beautiful.