Written From the Heart: Nun Publishes Books Focused on God’s Love

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By Tim Harfmann

Inside the living room of her Bayside, Queens home, Sister Ave Clark is a nun with a notepad who jots down her interactions with others.

“The people that inspire me are the people who have struggles. Maybe I identify with them because we’re all human,” she said.

The Dominican Sister of Amityville writes about spreading love despite struggles and published three books

— two within the last two years.

One of them is titled “Heart to Heart Parables: Sowing Seeds of Peace, Hope, Faith and Love.”

“Each one of the parables, as ordinary as they are, have the extraordinary message for all of us to be peace,” said Sister Ave.

Another book titled “Arthur: Thank You for Being Jesus’ Love,” focuses on a man who suffered from schizophrenia. But that didn’t stop Arthur from good deeds.

“He might tell me something happened that made him sad, but he never complained. He said, ‘I guess this will teach me something about life,” she explained.

Arthur’s picture is taped to the refrigerator for inspiration.

Sister Ave is already writing her next book, and hopes to publish it by June. She wants her books to brighten the reader’s day and pull their heartstrings.

“There’s going to be one heart we touch, and then they go on and there’s a ripple effect.”

She is spreading waves of love by putting pen to paper.

Sister Ave’s books are available for everyone to read. They’re being sold over the phone at 718-428-2471 and cost five dollars each. You can also get them through Amazon.