Woman In Vegetative State For More Than A Decade Gives Birth

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A stunning revelation at a healthcare facility in Phoenix.

The San Carlos Apache Tribe said one of its members, a 29-year-old woman living in a vegetative state for more than decade, was impregnated and had a baby while in the care of Hacienda Healthcare.

Legal analyst and attorney Brian Claypool says there is only one explanation for what happened, “If the woman in Phoenix was in a vegetative state and she gave birth to a child then she was raped because she could not have consented to a sexual relation.”

Karina Cesena, who’s 22-year-old daughter is a patient living at the facility says she and another mother panicked when they heard about the case.

“We were just so scared because who knows what would happen if it was a staff member it if was a family member if it was a stranger we have no idea,” said Cesena.

Cesena’s daughter is unable to walk and barely able to talk after suffering brain damage leaving her extremely vulnerable.

“I stay here 24-7 now to make sure she is in a safe environment as well and just move forward because trust has been severely broken,” she said.

As for the company’s CEO Bill Timmons, he resigned earlier this week.

And Hacienda Healthcare’s board sent out a statement calling what happened an “absolutely horrifying situation” and “an unprecedented case” without giving specifics of the case.

Phoenix police say they are investigating but have offered no additional details about the case.

Then on Tuesday Hacienda Healthcare released a statement saying “police served a search warrant” to “obtain DNA from male” staffers.

The company said it welcomed the development in the investigation.