Wheelchair Stolen From Home Of Four-Time Cancer Survivor

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Currents News Staff

Paul Quarles is a fighter.

After beating cancer four times he can barely speak, but now he can barely walk after his wheelchair was stolen outside of his home.

Now the 76-year-old cancer survivor is asking for the return of the $14,000 motorized wheelchair.

“I fall down a lot,” he said. Without the wheelchair he had already fallen several times.

Quarles says the wheelchair is worth thousands, but to him the piece of equipment is priceless because it allows him an active lifestyle that’s since been taken away from him.

“It was stolen right in front of 407 there,” said Quarles’ friend William Lawson. “You see, it don’t fit through the alley way. So it was just there for a second, and when he went back out, the guy was passing buses with it.”

Surveillance cameras captured the wheelchair being stolen. Quarles’ family is hoping it will help police find the person who took the wheelchair.

“He’s a gladiator you know,” Lawson added. “He’s been through a lot of operations and he’s still kicking, you know.”

“He needs it back. You know, he’s moving around, going place to place, it helps him out a lot.”

“Look at him you know,” said Lawson. “He needs his wheelchair.”

You could feel his pain just by watching Quarles trying to move around without it.

Now, Quarles just wants whoever stole it to bring it back and leave it outside. He also said he won’t ask any questions or place any blame.

Lawson on the other hand, couldn’t understand why someone would do this.
“People have better things to do than take a man’s wheelchair.”