Is the Kawasaki-Like Illness Spreading Among Children Related to COVID-19? We Ask the Doctor

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Currents News Staff

It’s been weeks, and we’re still learning new things about the coronavirus.

The unknown can cause fear and anxiety. That’s why on Fridays we ask the doctor to get answers to your questions about COVID-19.

There has arisen a huge concern for parents: there’s a mystery illness that’s spreading among kids which is related to COVID-19. What is known about this disease, and what should parents be looking out for?

When it comes to coronavirus antibody testing, there are different types of tests. What is the most accurate test being offered? And when you test positive and you have the antibodies, what exactly does that mean? 

Can you still be a carrier and spread the virus? If the virus mutates, do the antibodies work for all the mutations? Can you donate your plasma if you test positive? 

To help Currents News answer some of these questions and debates is Dr. Robert Tiballi, an infectious disease expert with the Catholic Medical Association.

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