What Will the Economy Look Like Post-COVID-19? Fox Business’ Elizabeth MacDonald Says Expect a Shift

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Currents News Staff

With all U.S. states now partially reopened, the big question now is how to get the American economy running at full-steam once again, and how to do it safely.

The Federal Reserve is sounding the alarm over permanent damage to the U.S. economy because of coronavirus-related lockdowns.

More than 38 million American jobs have disappeared in just a matter of weeks. Will they come back, or are many gone forever?

This crisis may have pointed out a glaring weakness in the United States: the lack of an American manufacturing base. 

Joining Currents News to talk more about what she calls the “Great Suppression” is Elizabeth MacDonald, host of Fox Business Network’s “The Evening Edit,” seen weeknights at 6 p.m.

Elizabeth has been looking to entrepreneurs as the *key group* to lead the country out of this financial crisis. She offers her insight on what they’ll be able to accomplish during these times.