Warning From The Pope – Annual Address To Diplomats

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Currents News Staff

In his address to the diplomatic corps, Pope Francis promoted social justice and defense of the weakest, while severely condemning violence, climate change, arms trade and one more that he called “one of the plagues of our time.”

Pope Francis once again condemned the sex abuse crisis, restating the Church’s mission to combat it.

“The abuse of minors is one of the vilest and most heinous crimes conceivable. FLASH The Holy See and the Church as a whole are working to combat and prevent these crimes and their concealment,” said Francis.

He additionally recalled wars in Yemen, the Ukraine and especially in Syria, including the millions of refugees that have come from them.

“The waves of migration in recent years have caused diffidence and concern among people in many countries, particularly in Europe and North America,” he said.

Pope Francis encouraged everyone to open their doors, put down their weapons and protect the most vulnerable in society, instead of restricting the number of immigrants allowed in a country.