Millions of Voters Head to Polls on Super Tuesday

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Currents News Staff

Millions of Americans are headed to the polls in 14 states and one U.S. territory in the biggest cluster of presidential nominating contest to date, known as “Super Tuesday.”

A full third of the total Democratic delegates are up for grabs in a race that has completely changed overnight.

It has been a major boost for presidential candidate Joe Biden, who earned three endorsements on the eve of Super Tuesday.

“I’m encouraging everybody who was part of my campaign to join me because we have found that leader in vice president, soon-to-be president Joe Biden,” said Pete Buttigieg, who ended his campaign and threw his support behind the candidate.

Following suit was Beto O’Rourke, who said, “We need somebody who can beat Donald Trump, and in Joe Biden we have that man.”

As did Senator Amy Klobuchar, who said, “I am ending my campaign and endorsing Joe Biden for president.”

One time rivals, all three joined Biden in a show of force to consolidate the moderate lane behind the former vice president.

“Look folks, this time we’ve got to bring along everybody: Democrats, Republicans, Independents,” Biden said. “That’s why I’m so excited about Amy’s endorsement of our campaign and Mayor Pete who endorsed our campaign earlier, we’ll thank him as well.”

Biden borrowed the rallying cry of some of his former rivals to explain why he’s a better choice than frontrunner Bernie Sanders.

“I think what it’s going to all be about with me and Bernie, is that I don’t think people are looking for revolution. I think they’re looking for results.”

Meanwhile, Sanders made a call to unity, saying, “to all the millions of Amy and Pete’s supporters, the door is open, come on in.”

Sanders called out the political establishment endorsing Biden.

“From day one we have been taking on the establishment,” he said. “Let me be very clear, it is no surprise they do not want me to become president. There is a massive effort trying to stop Bernie Sanders. They are really getting nervous that working people are standing up.”

Elizabeth Warren is vowing to stay in the race until the convention this summer.

“This is about both beating Donald Trump and about delivering real change in January 2021. That’s why I laid out all of the plans in such detail, and showed how we can pay for it and build alliances and actually get it done. I’m in this fight to win and make real change.”

For the first time, billionaire Michael Bloomberg will be on the ballot. He has spent millions trying to emerge as a top contender in Super Tuesday states.

“I can beat Donald trump, and I don’t know that any of the other Democratic candidates can. And I am ready for the job, and I don’t think any of the others are,” he said. 

The biggest prize of the day is California, with over 400 delegates at stake. Polls there close at 11 p.m. eastern time.