Vermont Becomes Latest State To Pass Extreme Abortion Legislation

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Currents News Staff

An extreme bill that would end the lives of unborn children, at any time, has gone to the desk of the governor of Vermont.

The measure’s attack on the sanctity of life is just as harsh as the law Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed through in New York, allowing the destruction of an infant, even up to the moment of birth.

Vermont lawmakers even go one step further, wanting to make abortion a constitutional right.

Vermont’s Republican Governor Phil Scott supports abortion, but hasn’t said if he’ll sign the bill.

The Vermont action is the latest in a flurry of legislative moves on abortion.

Some moves, like those of New York and Vermont, are deadly to the lives of unborn children.

Other states, however, are passing laws to protect infants in the womb.

National Correspondent for The Tablet and Crux, Christopher White, joins us in the studio to discuss.