Vatican Women’s Magazine Hires New Editorial Board

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After the 11-member editorial board of the publication Women Church World quit late March, a new board has been selected, which already published their first magazine in May.

Rita Pinci is the new coordinator of the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano women’s magazine, ‘Women, Church, World.’ She was selected to head a new 14-member staff as a well-known female Italian journalist. She said there is room to grow, and the sky’s the limit.

“The newspaper will be done according to our experience, according to what we think, our point of view,” said Pinci. “Also based on our ability, because probably some things we can do better, other things worse. But we won’t have any specific limits to the arguments we’ll cover.”

She also identified that one of the main advantages of this new staff is its diversity. The new board includes women who are Catholics, Muslim, Jewish, consecrated women and non-believers.

Pinci said some have children and others don’t, but one aspect they all have in common is their belief to encourage women.

“I was a feminist and I’m still one,” Pinci confirmed.

“I drew closer to this feminist movement 18 years ago when I came to Rome to study at university. I’m a feminist, but not a separatist. I think we have to work together, men and women. Because before we are classified by gender, male or female, we are people.”

Pinci said feminism has helped her confront problems, instead of being afraid of them. It has also brought to light many topics or thoughts that women have, that she would like to cover in this magazine.

“The feminine theme is also the center of debates inside the Church. This pope, the Pope is extraordinary, was the first to propose the problem of the feminine question within the Church.”

Pinci believes the problem within the Church isn’t necessarily women’s power, but rather a lack of recognizing women in their roles. That is what she hopes to do as this magazine continues the legacy that began more than seven years ago.