Vatican Unveils New Statue Symbolizing Plight of Human Trafficking

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Currents News Staff

A new statue is now in St. Peter’s Square. “Let the Oppressed Go Free” is a human trafficking awareness symbol, showing Sister Josephine Bakhita freeing a mass of people from underground. 

The artist, Tim Schmalz, isn’t new to St. Peter’s. He unveiled another statue there in 2019. He says it was that work of art that inspired his newest creation. 

Schmalz hopes to create 10 copies of the statue to install all over the world. New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke about Sister Bakhita on her feast day  and how the suffering she experienced as a child led her to a life of faith.

“Even before she heard of Jesus she was moved by the suffering and the cross, and she said ‘if these Christians believe that man on the cross is God, well then God knows what I’ve been through,” said Cardinal Dolan.

Cardinal Dolan went on to say we can continue to learn from Sister Josephine Bakhita who is an example of how to love and embrace everyone.