Vatican Soccer Team – Female Employees Form Team

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Currents News Staff

The Women’s World Cup is set to begin on Friday, but Vatican women are kicking off a whole new start with their very own soccer team.

At Vatican Family Day last June, women created a small group to also play soccer against one another, like the men have done for years.

The idea scored among the female Vatican workers.

Now, around 25 women, aged 22 to 51 have formed a team, flashing these bright yellow and white jerseys on the field.

“We are dressed in this role, which seems like a novelty. But in reality, women also play soccer. Obviously for the Vatican though, maybe it’s particular and new,” said Cristina Albini, a team member and member of the Vatican press office.

“It’s fair to have a women’s team. Above all, because the pope keeps women in consideration and believes it’s important. This year, we also have the Women’s World Cup. After a couple years, who knows, maybe the Vatican could participate,” said team member Orietta Ferretti.

Many of these women had never met, despite working in the smallest country in the world.

The team’s manager says the aim is not necessarily to win, but to have fun and build community.

We just want to send the message that we want to be together and represent the Holy Father and the Holy See, as women that work in the Vatican, who are mothers, workers, and also, of course, play soccer,” said team member Susan Volpini.

They have played against local teams, like Roma, and are currently participating in a tournament with the Vatican’s Bambino Gesu Hospital. However, they are excited for the future and where they’re going next.

With two months of experience under their cleats, the team will be leaving Vatican stomping grounds and traveling to Vienna, Austria for their very first international trip on June 22.