Vatican Launches New Guide For Ending Human Trafficking

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Currents News Staff

The Vatican has published a guide with proposals to end human trafficking. It is to combat prostitution, slave labor and trafficking of both emigrants and organs.

One of the authors of the document explains that the first key is to raise awareness about the diffusion of the problem.

“When you realize that what you thought of as a foreign problem happening in a country faraway, that you can’t understand, when you realize that this is happening here and now, then you change your attitude,โ€ said Fr. Michael Czerny S.J.

The Vatican document proposes facing the cultural root of the problem, such as individualism and consumption. Thus, it’s important to not only act against those who traffic people, but also against the customers who buy them.

Other measures are to facilitate public complaints, to collaborate between institutions or create social conditions so no one is forced to leave their homeland.

“It should be read as proposals for policy. It’s up to citizens to make it clear to the States that this is something that is going on within our borders, within the state. These are things happening within our borders, and the first entity that is responsible for the human rights and the security of all persons within the territory is the State. So, I think the state will have to draw its conclusions,โ€ he said.

The Vatican department has also published a compilation of the pope’s interventions on human trafficking. The text is also a database published on its website in five languages.