Vandalized Mary Statue Stands Again

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A statue of Mary that was once vandalized now stands again at a Queens church.

Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan blessed the new image of Our Lady at St Mary’s Nativity- St Ann Parish. The old image was desecrated last October when a man drove his car onto the parish lawn and repeatedly hit the statue in the face.

The scene shocked the Queens community and Pastor Father Jose Diaz, who witnessed the attack. But he says the incident has also united the church, explaining “It’s brought the community together in a very real way and I think we saw that tonight.

People have really shown their support, their love by their prayers, their donations… just all across the board.”

When asked about the incident, Bishop Brennan said  “The light overcomes the darkness, the suffering releases love, hatred releases mercy and indifference releases deeper faith.”

The new all-marble statue hails from Italy and is a foot taller than the old one.