‘Unplanned’ Beats Adversity with Strong Opening Weekend

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By Emily Drooby

As Nancy Davies heads to watch the pro-life movie unplanned in the theater, she’s thrilled to know many other people are too.

Davies said, “I’m very happy that it’s doing so well I think so many women who really haven’t known what abortion is are wanting to see it.”

The film, is based on the true-life story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, who became a champion for the pro-life movement after witnessing an abortion.

The film is receiving positive reaction from viewers. It brought in an impressive 6.1 million dollars during opening weekend, despite only being shown in about a thousand theaters across the country. The high number is impressive considering the amount of adversity the film has faced.

First the flick received an R rating, which producers unsuccessfully tried to change. Then the films twitter account was briefly suspended during opening weekend. Further, the producers claim tens of thousands of their twitter followers disappeared for no known reason. And many TV networks also refused to televise advertisements for the film.

Even inside the Kips Bay AMC where the movie is being shown, there was a lack of advertising for the film, including in the portal where customers buy their tickets.

Still, the movie is receiving rave reviews from moviegoers. While leaving the theater, Fran Collins suggested everyone should go see it.

Collins, said, “It made me feel sad in one way and I’m very happy for Abby Johnson. No matter what I feel, and agree, but I’m happy for her and I’m glad I saw it.”

So does Cathy Black, who works for The Bridge To Life, a Catholic pregnancy support center in Queens.

Black, who is the executive director, said, I think if people see it no matter what the age, especially the younger the better, that they will actually find out what the truth really is about abortion.”

Black and other members of The Bridge To Life, including Catherine Donohoe who is the president of the board of directors, said they were touched by the film.

Donohoe, explained, “The one scene that really was very moving was when the six women were in the waiting room after their abortions. And the looks on their faces and how they were treated like cattle, the women at planned parenthood didn’t even look at their faces which is wrong.”

Unplanned in showing throughout the day at both the AMC’s in Kips Bay and Times Square.