Ukrainians Mobilizing as Volunteers Continue Building up City’s Defenses

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Currents News Staff

The people of Kyiv are mobilizing.

Across the capital volunteers are pouring in, building up the city’s defenses with whatever they can. Women bring in empty bottles to be made into molotov cocktails.

The leaders of this militia say Ukraine will win this war, emboldened by recent successful operations to repel Russian forces.

A billboard warns invading forces: “Russian soldiers leave. How will you look your children in the eye?”

Ukraine has borne the brutality of this invasion with patient grit and determination.

Outside every supermarket, there are long lines and scarce supplies, but no one is complaining. In fact, many are optimistic they will defeat Russia.

In an eastern suburb of the city, Raisa Shmatko’s front yard has turned into a staging area. She’s collecting things to donate to people, like sleeping bags and food.

The grandmother and retired economist now spends her days preparing for battle by making molotov cocktails.

“We will beat them. They won’t come. I believe in our Ukraine, I believe in Ukrainian people,” said Shmatko.