Ukrainian President Accuses Russia of Food Terrorism and Stealing Grain

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Currents News Staff

Before the war, most of the food produced by Ukraine was exported through ports. Now, these key trading docks have ground to a halt, blockaded by Russia.

According to Ukraine’s defense ministry, Russia has also pilfered an estimated 400,000 tons of grain from Ukrainian farmers in Russian occupied territory.

Footage obtained by CNN shows trucks bearing the white “Z” symbol of the Russian military were transporting grain to Russian-held Crimea. It’s an act that President Zelenskyy’s administration is calling food terrorism.

“This is not just a strike at Ukraine,” said Zelenskyy. “Without our agrarian export, dozens of countries in various regions of the world have found themselves on the brink of food deficit.”

As supplies run low and as prices continue to rise, there are fears the war is pushing the world to the brink of a food crisis. The president of the European Council, Charles Michel vowed the EU, that with support from the U.S., they would help look for ways to export grain from Ukraine.

Some of it is already being shipped from ports in neighboring Romania, but it’s still only a fraction of Ukraine’s total production. More help is needed if Europe’s breadbasket is to continue to feed the world.