Ukrainian Family at Pope’s Audience: The Pope’s Prayers are Very Important to Us

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Currents News Staff

During his General Audience, Pope Francis once again expressed his concern over the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

“Like myself, many people all over the world are anxious and worried,” said Pope Francis.

His message resonated in particular with this family from Ukraine, who attended his audience.

“We thank the pope for worrying about Ukraine. He sees what is going on in Ukraine and for us the prayer of the Pope and the world is very important,” said Viktoria.

The pontiff’s call for peace comes just days after Moscow declared the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk, which are internationally recognized as part of Ukraine, and began moving troops into the region.

“My family is in Ukraine. They are there now. The situation in Ukraine is not easy. We ask all people to pray for Ukraine. We are Ukrainians: we stand for truth and peace, and hope for the best. We ask everyone to pray. Ukraine is a free and independent country,” Viktoria said.

Viktoria and her family say Ukrainians are trying to stay calm despite the rising tensions. They are only in Rome for a week, before returning home with the hope that a papal blessing will bring peace with them.