U.S. To Close Ukraine Embassy as Fears of Invasion Sends Dow Tumbling and Oil Prices Soaring

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Currents News Staff

The U.S. Department of State is taking no chances and are moving all remaining diplomatic personnel in Ukraine out of Kyiv and into the western part of the country.

“There would be widespread human suffering,” said Ned Price, State Department Spokesperson. “We feel all of these actions were absolutely necessary.”

But the U.S. is not giving up on a peaceful resolution. A spokesperson for the Kremlin says Russian President Vladamir Putin is “willing to negotiate.”

“The path for diplomacy remains available if Russia chooses to engage constructively,” said Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. “However, we are clear-eyed about the prospects of that given the steps Russia is taking on the ground in plain sight.”

The White House says they are remaining in close contact with NATO allies and partners about possible next steps.

“President Biden has made clear that should there be another incursion into Ukraine that the United States would respond swiftly with severe economic consequences,” said Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby.

The impacts of the tension are being felt at home.

“Right now the American people are focused on their pocketbooks,” said Conn. Sen. Chris Murphy.

Fears of an invasion sent the DOW tumbling and oil prices soaring reaching $95 dollars a barrel – a first since 2014.

“I do think that Americans will support the use of our economic power through sanctions, and some of their taxpayer dollars, to move troops to protect the eastern flank of NATO,” said Sen. Murphy.