U.S. Officials Report Signs of Military Action in Russia as Vital Medical Supplies Sent to Troops

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Currents News Staff

U.S. intelligence officials have confirmed that they believe that blood supplies are being sent to Russian troops who are supposedly exercising close to the borders with Ukraine and in Belarus. This is being interpreted by the United States as yet another indicator that some kind of military action against Ukraine, a cross border incursion at the very least, could be imminent. 

From the Ukrainian perspective, they’re treating these reports with some cynicism, some officials denying them, others perhaps suggesting that this is a normal part of what you would see in any military exercise. And the reason for the dissonance between the two very close allies, remember, the United States is the biggest military donor to the Ukrainians in their effort to try to see off any potential Russian invasion is the economy. 

The Ukrainians here believe that every time there is mention of an imminent threat to their country, there is capital flight, the economy takes a knock, and that ultimately could lead to political instability, all of that playing into the hands of Vladimir Putin.