Trump Files Voting Fraud Lawsuits in Several States as Biden Announces Plans for Covid Task Force

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Currents News Staff

Joe Biden, the projected winner of the presidential election, acting presidential on Monday, Nov. 9, addressing the U.S. about the coronavirus pandemic.

“This election is over…it’s time to put aside the partisanship… and the rhetoric designed to demonize one another,” he said. 

“Please, I implore you, wear a mask. Do it for yourself. Do it for your neighbor. A mask is not a political statement but it is a good way to start pulling the country together,’ he urged. 

But President Donald Trump hasn’t yet conceded the race and doesn’t appear to have any plans to do so anytime soon.

While he was playing golf at his club in Virginia on Sunday, his supporters were out in force in Georgia.

The Trump campaign is moving forward with legal challenges in several states.

“At this point, we’ve got numerous states that are very closely and vigorously contested from Pennsylvania to Georgia, to Arizona, to New Mexico, to Michigan to Wisconsin,” said Senator Ted Cruz. “In all of those states, there are serious disputes about the vote totals.”

Senator Ted Cruz, one of many Republicans speaking out in support of the president is saying that it’s premature to declare a winner in this race. Senator Lindsey Graham says Trump should not concede.

“The Trump team has canvassed all early voters in absentee mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania,” said Senator Graham. “And they found over a hundred people I think were dead, but 15 people that we’ve verified to have been dead, who voted. But here’s the one that gets me … six people registered after they died and voted.”

But officials in states like Georgia that are still counting votes have dismissed accusations of electoral fraud.

“We’ve not had any sort of credible incidents raised to our level yet,” said Georgia’s Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, “and so we’ll continue to make sure that the opportunity to make sure every legal ballot is counted is there, but at this point, we’ve not seen any sort of credible examples.”