Trump Challenges Iran, Questioning The Possibility Of Military Conflict

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Currents News Staff

The Foreign Minister of Iran is hitting back at President Trump, tweeting Monday May 20, “Economic terrorism & genocidal taunts won’t ‘end Iran.’ Never threaten an Iranian. Try respect. It works!”

This comes in response to the President re-upping his threat to Iran, after having dialing things down late last week.

“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran,” were Trump’s words on Sunday.

Some are likening the recent re-escalation to the President’s “fire and fury” Twitter tactics aimed at North Korea two years ago.

This has led to many questions on Capitol Hill about where this is headed, and why.

Democrats are urging the Trump administration to use caution.

“We are already enmeshed in the conflict in Syria,” said Democrat Delaware Senator Chris Coons.

“It is critical we play our hand thoroughly, cautiously, carefully and recognizing we face an enormous challenge from China, and a real and sustained challenge from Russia. If we were to get drawn into a war with Iran, the consequences for our global position would be, I think, tragic,” he added.

Some Republicans are downplaying the idea that the Trump White House wants a military conflict, but supporting their recent moves, like repositioning military assets in the Middle East.

If you see a threat, you don’t just brush it aside and say, ‘well, most likely nothing will happen.’ You take it seriously and act appropriately,” said Utah’s Republican Senator, Mitt Romney.

Classified briefings on Iran for all Senators and all House Members are scheduled for Tuesday.