Trump: “Extend Our Regards And Hopes To Paris”

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Currents News Staff

Speaking at a Tax Day roundtable in Burnsville, Minnesota, Monday President Trump commented on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire.

“I hope everything works out well, we all want to extend our regards and our hopes and God Bless You to Paris and to France what they’re going through it’s just– you’ll go back and you’ll see what’s happening, it’s a very very sad thing. I’ve never quite I mean you take a look at this this is one of the true catastrophes and hopefully they did better than they were doing when I left the plane but it was not a good situation with respect to Notre Dame Cathedral,” said President Trump.

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the largest Catholic Churches in the world, located in the heart of Paris on the “isle de la cite.”

It was built between the years of 1163 and 1345, and is considered one of the best examples of French gothic architecture ever constructed.

Known for its flying buttresses, gargoyles, rose windows, and its world-famous organ, made with 8-thousand pipes.