Tonight on Currents News: Support For Moms

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The Holy Father is asking businesses to support pregnant women and working mothers because it’s a pro-life issue.

Pope Francis is alerting the public to low birth rates, saying once women get pregnant the alarming reality many face is that their jobs will be in jeopardy, or they will be unable to continue working after they give birth.

The pontiff said the solution is a more supportive environment for working pregnant women and mothers.

Currents News Jessica Easthope spoke with one working mom of three children under the age of three, and she says having a supportive employer and church makes her lifestyle possible.

Ileana Tavarez works as the administrative assistant to the Vicar General for the Diocese of Brooklyn. On Tuesday, September 27 at 7:00pm on NET-TV, Currents News will feature Ileana’s story. Specifically, how she balances her work and home life as a single mom of three, and somehow manages to get some time for herself.