From the Gridiron to the Gala

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By Melissa Butz

Just two weeks after getting married, former Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow and wife, Miss Universe 2017, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, made a surprise visit in Rome at the event that led to them meeting.

Just one day after finishing their honeymoon, the newlyweds welcomed others at a dance for people with special needs, complete with a red carpet, dazzling lights and roaring applause. 

The event, called “Night to Shine,” is in its sixth year, all sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. 

Tim admitted that it’s only fitting he and Demi finish off their honeymoon at the gala, since it was their beginning.

“We finished our honeymoon and we flew right to Night to Shine,” he explained. “It’s just that important to us and it’s so meaningful. We met through Night to Shine, because Demi was invited to Night to Shine in South Africa,” Tim added.

“Demi had a half sister with special needs that unfortunately passed away a few months ago. So I say Night to Shine brought us together, and she says her sister brought us together,” he said. 

“In the end, it was those two that brought us together,” said Demi. “So to be here in Rome tonight at the first ever Night to Shine in Italy is just so wonderful.”

Including Rome, red carpets lined church and event halls in 34 countries, with 720 events worldwide. The couple’s unified goal for each dance is to remind every attendee they are important and valuable.

“It’s really special that we have such a deep passion for something that is so near and dear to our heart together,” Tim said. “And it’s not my thing, it’s not her thing —  it’s our thing and it’s our purpose.”

Tim and Demi try to go to as many events as they can around the world. But it’s on the the dance floor where all cultural, linguistic and physical differences disappear into the night.

Feb. 4 they were in Albania, Feb. 5 in Rome and Feb. 6 in another surprise European city, all before they start making their way throughout the United States, helping others as a key part to their marriage.