Three Practical Ways to Ease the Pain at Pump as Gas Prices Continue to Rise

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By Monica Guy

A gallon of gas costs more than it ever has.

“We’re at an all-time high. Remember what happened in 2008, people got out their bicycles and started walking places where possible,” said Patrick De Haan, the Head of Petroleum Analysis for Gas Buddy.

Although the U.S. barely uses Russian oil Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine is still a major factor. Russia is one of the world’s biggest oil suppliers and lower supply affects global prices.

“Americans need to go conservation mode and cut our consumption to improve the situation. There is no other way around it,” De Haan added.

With the conflict abroad intensifying, experts say price increases won’t be stopping any time soon.

Lauren Fix from Car Coach Reports has three tips to help you save money.

Number one: if you’re in park, turn it off. Don’t leave your car running, not even to warm it up.

“We typically think it’s only a couple of pennies to sit in the drive thru. park your vehicle. go inside. that will save you the most fuel,” said Fix.

Number two: travel light, moving additional weight, like bike racks and gear, requires more fuel.

Number three: keep your car in good shape. That means getting in the habit of checking your tire pressure and keeping up with maintenance.  “Anytime an engine is not maintained properly, that means something’s not functioning properly.  So, you’re not going to get the best fuel economy when a pump or hose isn’t working or a belt or bushing or bearing something that’s causing that vehicle to struggle,” said Fix.

The last time prices rose this sharply was in 2005. That’s when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, damaging oil platforms and refineries in the region.