Thousands of Migrants Are Camping at the Border Before Title 42 Expires

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It’s the countdown to chaos over Title 42. The Trump-era policy that allows authorities to quickly expel certain migrants at the border is set to expire Thursday.

There are already struggles at the border from the Mexican side as migrants prepare to cross.

Hundreds of migrants have already made it, illegally, across the Rio Grande. They’re camped out near the border of northern Mexico between a barbed wire fence and the border wall.

The situation is growing into a humanitarian crisis and is expected to get worse as more migrants continue to enter the country.

Many have relied on coats to help keep warm during the chilly nights, and safe from the sun during the scorching 90 degree days.

After the policy expires on Thursday, Title 8 takes over as the law of the land, requiring asylum officers to process each claim.

The government estimates about 150,000 migrants are already camped out in northern Mexico, with more likely heading to the border.