Thousands Celebrate Diocese of Brooklyn Eucharistic Revival in Flushing

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By Katie Vasquez

From the musical acts and performances to the singers to the 6,500 people sitting in the stands.

The colorful mosaic of the diocese of immigrants was represented from the top tier to the floor of Louis Armstrong Stadium.

The goal of the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Eucharistic Revival is to bring everyone together and help parishioners experience Christ’s true presence in the Eucharist.

“To get closer and just to be able to have that communion with everyone, in the same and get closer adoration, especially with the bishop. It’s very uplifting,” said Edith Areizaga, a St. Brendan Parish parishioner. 

Brooklyn’s Vicar of Evangelization and Catechesis, Father Joseph Gibino, helped plan the event, and he says that idea was at the heart of the diocesan celebration.

“Whenever we gather together, as as Jesus said, two or more, there he is, and for us literally, today with the Eucharist as a moment as a moment for us to be touched by the Lord, but also when we receive the Eucharist, we are physically touched by Jesus, and we touch Jesus’ heart,” said Father Gibino. 

Young people were also a big part of the program; the eucharistic revival began with high school students like Shaden De Leon praying the mysteries with the rosary.

“It’s at a time where I needed it because right now I’m so pushed to do a bunch of work at school that I thought like just taking a break to pray through the rosary with like a bunch of people would just be like so great,” said Shaden De Leon, a parishioner at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Bishop Robert Brennan celebrated mass in the stadium’s court. He addressed the young people in his homily, calling on them to develop a deeper relationship with Christ through the blessed sacrament.

“We begin by knowing and loving Jesus, and then we can believe in the presence of the blessed sacrament,” said Bishop Robert Brennan of the Diocese of Brooklyn. 

Bishop Brennan also encouraged dozens of neophytes or those baptized at the Easter vigil who attended the mass. One of them, Melina Lopez from Blessed Sacrament Church in Jackson Heights, says being here helped to affirm her new faith.

“It’s something significant to me in my life, which makes me happy, and it makes me want to be closer to God,” said Lopez. 

The day centered on Christ, and ended with Christ.

Bishop Brennan processes with the Eucharist around the stadium.

Once again, reminding Catholics of a core tenet of their faith, that the Eucharist becomes the actual body of Jesus during the mass.

As Bishop Brennan walks with Christ through the crowds, he says he can feel their faith grow.

“The Holy Spirit brought us together today, and it was just beautiful beyond words, just to see the faith and devotion of so many people who are really alive, alive with love, live with devotion,” said Bishop Brennan.