Thousands Attend Vigil for California Synagogue Victims

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By Emily Drooby

Before the sun set, nearly every seat in the California high school stadium was filled. People of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith all came together as one, the people of Poway.

“The message was clear and it’s true and I agree,” said vigil attendee Scott Cohen. He spoke for most with a heavy heart. “There is no room for hate and it starts with each and every one of us,” he added.

Over the course of the vigil the higher message of unity prevailed, one echoed by multiple faiths.

“I want you to turn to the person that’s next to you,” urged Baptist Reverend Gerald W. Brown of Mount Moriah Christian Church, one of the speakers present at the inter-faith vigil.

“I want the four thousand people that are in here tonight to turn and say ‘I love you’ to that person that’s next to you,” he continued, promoting that same message of unity within the stadium.

It was a point of emphasis that the vigil be at Poway High School, as it’s where the community’s young minds are molded.

The hope of the event was to try and remind one another that there’s no place for hate.

During the vigil, people wrapped their arms around one another and sang ‘This Land Is Your Land.’

“Just really inspiring,” described Poway resident Lyndsi Sherman.

“And in times like this you have to be inspired. Otherwise it can be really tough,” she added.

It was only fitting that a community grasping for strength wrapped its arms around one another to show love.