These Are the Coronavirus Precautions Being Taken in Catholic Schools

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By Tim Harfmann

Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens are on alert, taking action to make sure everyone  — teachers and students alike — are better protected against coronavirus.

“We were receiving many calls and concerns from principals, of teachers, staff and students returning from traveling abroad; and parents were expressing concern,” said Joan McMaster of the Superintendent of Schools Office in the Brooklyn Diocese.

The Superintendent of Schools for the diocese, Dr. Tom Chadzutko, is now requiring everyone coming back to school from abroad to go to the doctor first.

Students and staff will need medical clearance before being allowed back into class.

At the same time, other precautions are happening full-time.

“The schools are cleaned every evening,” explained McMaster. “All schools are cleaned and sanitized. The children are reminded to cough into your elbow, use tissues and wash your hands as frequently as possible.”

The diocesan Catholic school system is not alone in taking on the virus outbreak.

The MTA is also taking precautions against the coronavirus, disinfecting buses and trains to make sure commuters are safe.

Subway workers are wiping down turnstiles, Metrocard machines and handrails daily.

The entire fleet of subway cars and all the city’s buses are being disinfected every three days.

Passengers are now hoping the next train is the only thing they’ll catch.

“I think it’s definitely good to be cautious,” said one commuter.

“I saw them,” said another. “They looked like they were scrubbing a white substance around the garbage.”

They hope it will help.

“All I can say is, I hope for humanity’s sake,” they added.