The Tablet Website Set to Get Update Allowing for Personalization, Access to Special Content

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By Jessica Easthope and The Tablet Staff

Readers of The Tablet website will soon be able to improve their user experience by signing up for a free log-in. Their new profile will unlock special features, articles, content, and a vast archive.

“We’re excited about bringing this to The Tablet’s readers,” said Vito Formica, executive director of news content and development at DeSales Media Group, the parent company of The Tablet.

“The Tablet has a 113-year-old legacy of being a trusted source of news from the Catholic perspective, and this update will allow its readers to get more of what they like to read about,” he added.

Logged-in users will be able to see all diocesan, New York, national and international news, review and rate articles, save articles to their profile for reading at a later date, keep track of their comments, and select their favorite categories, according to Dustin Etheridge, manager of digital content production.

“The more users read, like, rate and save articles, the more tailored their user experience becomes. It’s a great addition to what we can offer our readers,” Etheridge added.

Starting on Feb. 15, visitors to the site will be prompted to sign up with their email address. After a quick verification, they can begin to create their profile. Readers who choose not to sign up will still have access to certain content, but not full access.

DeSales Media Group, is always searching for new and innovative ways to improve communication with its audience. This is one of the important steps in making that happen, according to Len Camporeale, director of marketing and digital operations at DeSales.

“The Tablet produces so much content in a broad interest. What we’re trying to do is help the readers find the most valuable information, quickly,” he said.

While the digital operation is one of several platforms used to disseminate news, DeSales Media also produces the nightly TV news program Currents News, the Spanish-language newspaper Nuestra Voz, and the print version of The Tablet, which is supported by reader subscriptions.

The printed paper offers readers a unique experience, one that cannot be found online. Formica said people enjoy the layout, artwork, graphics, and all of the additional content that cannot be found on the website.

“We are proud to continue to offer print to our readers and advertisers. While the content online remains free, the paid subscriptions and support by all our readers are the key to allowing the team to continue this important work in Catholic journalism,” he said.