Second Impeachment Trial of Former President Donald Trump Begins

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Currents News Staff

A history making moment: Donald Trump is now the first president to face a Senate impeachment trial – twice.

“The Senate will convene as a court of impeachment…” said Sen. Patrick Leahy, “…against Donald John Trump, former president of the United States.”

Trump’s title of former president is front and center. House managers and Trump’s team of lawyers are debating if the trial itself is constitutional.

“Presidents can’t commit grave offenses in their final days and escape any congressional response,” said Impeachment Manager Rep. Joe Neguse.

“The impeachment articles, I think, are unconstitutional because the president is in Florida,” said South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. “He’s not in office.”

The single charge? Incitement of insurrection that stems from the deadly chaos at the Capitol.

A month later, barricades and troops stand guard outside as senators turned jurors hear arguments and watch video inside from the place they were forced to flee.

“We were all witnesses,” said Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono.

Just like the impeachment proceedings in the House, the Senate trial is expected to be fast. House impeachment managers hope for a conviction and the opportunity to ban Trump from ever seeking federal office again.

“I don’t think President Trump will be convicted,” said Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

Especially since it will take a two-thirds majority67 senators to convict.

Some Republicans say the trial is a distraction from a bigger priority: the pandemic.

“How many people are going to get vaccinated because of this impeachment trial? None,” said Florida Senator Marco Rubio.