The Pro-Life Battle Continues Against Plans for California to Become an Abortion Sanctuary State

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Currents News Staff

California Governor Gavin Newsom has a clear message about his state: California plans on becoming an abortion sanctuary if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court.

“California is a place of refuge,” the governor said, “not only for 40 million Californians but also for women and girls all across this country and will remain so proudly.”

A California council – made up of more than 40 abortion providers and advocacy groups – together with the state’s top lawmakers – released a list of recommendations that would make it easier for women to access abortion services whether they are in-state residents or not.

The recommendations include increases in abortion funding, reimbursements for abortion and abortion-related services, stronger legal protections for patients and providers, and easier access to accurate information. The plan could even pay for travel, hotels and abortions for women traveling in from other states.

California isn’t alone. Kathleen Gallagher, the Director of Pro-Life Activities for New York’s Catholic Conference says the controverial proposal has pro-life activists concerned on both coasts.

“Gov. Hochul in New York said New York will be a safe harbor for women seeking abortions if abortion is restricted or limited in other states,” Kathleen said. “In states like Mississippi or Texas or other states that decide to restrict abortions, California and New York are saying ‘come on in!… we’ll take care of you.’ In fact, there’s been proposals by the New York State attorney general to force taxpayers to fund the abortions of women from other states.. to pay for the airfare, their hotel accommodations and the procedure itself.”

Gov. Hochul is letting abortion seekers know “Lady Liberty is here to welcome you with open arms.”

Future decisions in New York and California hinge on the fate of Roe v. Wade and a Mississippi abortion law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this fall and is expected to rule on its constitutionality next year.

Regardless of the outcome, Kathleen thinks another approach is needed.

“My question to Gov. Newsom and Gov. Hochul is, ‘what are you doing to help women faced with unplanned pregnancies who don’t want to get an abortion,’ who just want support and assistance to help them, to empower them to bare their children and raise their families with dignity,” she said.