The Mary Louis Academy Student Accepted into Four Ivy League Schools

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Chloe Riche’s time at The Mary Louis Academy is coming to an end. It’s all been leading up to a moment she’ll never forget, when she opened her acceptance letter from Princeton University.

“I started sobbing immediately, just fell in my chair crying, it was a wash of relief,” She said.

But Chloe’s acceptance into Princeton started many years ago, in her family’s kitchen. The admissions essay that won them over was about the time she spent baking with her grandmother.

“She left me some of her recipes to bake so I can always think of her I learned so many baking techniques from her and I keep them dear to my heart still to this day,” said Chloe.

Her grandma passed away in 2020 but the times they had together are some of her most cherished, they made her who she is.

“Ever since I was a little kid the kitchen is my home, it started with cooking but it led to baking because I realized how much I loved baking and eating the sweet result of it, it was more rewarding,” she said.

In total, Chloe was accepted into 15 colleges including four Ivy League schools. 26 of her classmates will also be attending Ivy League schools. The Mary Louis Academy Principal Ann O’Hagan-Cordes says it’s been an exceptionally competitive year, Ivy League acceptance rates have hit a record low.

“The data that’s been coming out of colleges and all the reports that Ivys aren’t accepting many students this year the acceptance rate has been lower than in many recent years so to have someone like Chloe, I’m so proud of all of them,” said O’Hagan-Cordes.

At The Mary Louis Academy, Chloe’s been challenged and pushed academically. Her work ethic has been molded by her teachers and peers since day one.

“I feel accomplished I feel like everything I’ve done all the hard work, all the late nights have been worth it,” she said.

Chloe will be a tiger by fall, wearing her stripes confidently at Princeton. She says she knows her grandmother is looking down, proud of her and that is the sweetest result.