Teen Accused of Fatally Stabbing Undercover Officer in Italy Could Face Life in Prison

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Currents News Staff

19-year-old Finnegan Elder and his 18-year-old friend Gabriel Natale Hjorth were taken into custody in Italy last month. Italian authorities say they killed an undercover police officer during a botched drug deal.

Finnegan, who has been accused of fatally stabbing the Italian police officer, is currently in police custody.

Thousands of miles away in San Francisco, his family and friends are fighting for his freedom.

But last week Finnegan’s father visited his son in prison with family friend and attorney, Craig Peters.

“He has our full support and we stand by his side,” said Craig, who is acting as Finnegan’s defense attorney. 

“He was okay, but tired, remorseful and scared,” Craig added. 

In video surveillance footage, one of the teens can be seen carrying a backpack that was allegedly stolen during the encounter.

The victim, Mario Cerciello, had gotten married less than two months before his death.

“Officer Rega who, we understand, at the time of his death was acting as an undercover plainclothes paramilitary officer, is gone too soon,” said Craig. 

Italian police say both teens confessed to taking part in the assault, and the Populist Interior Minister is calling for life in prison.

“The truth will set you free. we look forward to the truth coming out and to our son coming home,” said Craig, as Finnegan’s family says there’s more to the story that has yet to come out.