Gammarelli Tailor Shop in Rome Prepares for Upcoming Council of Cardinals

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Currents News Staff

An iconic window display in central Rome is ready for the Nov. 28 consistory. Gammarelli, a clerical clothing shop, has dressed priests, bishops, cardinals and popes since 1798.

The display also attracts the attention of tourists, since during special events such as conclaves and consistories, many come to see the elegant ecclesiastical vestments.

They carry basic clothing items, from socks, shoes and personal care products, to cassocks, birettas, choral robes and even uncommon pieces such as a red cape called “Ferraiolo” or “manteo romano,” and a formal red coat known as “tabarro.”

Also shown are pieces that have changed over time, like golden tassels that in antiquity adorned a sash, now modified by simpler ones in red.

Mitres, zucchettos, cufflinks, gloves and pectoral crosses — all the insignia of the members of the College of Cardinals are found there. Also, for the more curious or collectors, miniature birettas or cardinal caps are also on display.