Synod Publishes Final Document Addressing Women, Sexuality And Abuse

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Currents News Staff

The Synod on Youth and Vocation has ended with the publication of this 60-page document with 167 points. It’s the fruit of the month-long discussions between 267 bishops and cardinals and around 35 auditors.

Some of the main topics included women, sexuality and abuse.

The role of women in the Church is stated as “a duty of justice.” Thus it welcomes “the presence of women in ecclesial bodies at all levels, respecting the role of the ordained ministry.”
The synod document includes that God loves every person denouncing “discrimination and sexually-based violence.” It also recalls the “difference and reciprocity between man and woman” and saying a person’s identity cannot only be defined by their ‘sexual orientation.’”

It praises “paths of accompaniment in the faith for homosexual people,” available in some country and recommends they continue.

Abuse is called a “serious obstacle” to the Church’s mission. It does not include the term “zero-tolerance” but rather “the firm commitment for the adoption of rigorous prevention measures.”

After the text publication, Pope Francis issued an apology to youth at the closing Mass Sunday morning.

“I would like to tell the young people, on behalf of us adults: forgive us if we have not often listened to you. If instead of opening your hearts, we have filled your ears,” said Francis.

Pope Francis said in addition to listening, a Christian must give concrete help, not only theoretical or doctrinal.

Likewise, when closing the synod with bishops, he said “the result of the synod is not a document” but “the Holy Spirit gives us the document so it may work in our heart.”