Suspicious Packages Found in New York City Subway Station

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Currents News Staff

The nation’s busiest subway system came to a halt after three suspicious packages were reported during the morning commute on August 16

Police in New York City have said that ultimately the packages three rice cookers were not a threat, but the incident did cause trouble.

Now they’re looking for the man caught on video leaving two of the packages at the scene.

“Because of the timing and the placement and the items, we’re carrying this now as a hoax device,” explained NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism, John Miller.

According to the New York City Transit Authority, about six million people ride the subway every day.

Their travel had interrupted, delayed and at times halted during the ongoing investigation.

By comparison, nearly three years ago pressure cooker bombs injured at least 30 people in the New York City neighborhood of Chelsea. Officials ruled it an act of terror.

Officials ruled it an act of terror, and a shootout lead to the suspect being arrested and later convicted.

“We reviewed the video at the scene. He places the pressure cooker on the upper level, and then on the lower level, so there’s a person of interest. Obviously we would like to speak to this person,” said Miller. 

The New York City Transit Authority is now reminding everyone of the slogan, “see something, say something.”