Supreme Court Begins New Term

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Currents News Staff

October 7 marks the beginning of the Supreme Court’s new term.

The nine justices will face a blockbuster docket with the 2020 election campaign hovering in the background.

The highest court in the nation has a number of high-profile cases on hand this term, among them gun rights and LGBT rights, abortion and immigration. This comes as an impeachment investigation into President Trump takes place across the street in the Capitol Building.

All eyes will be on Chief Justice John Roberts, who has been trying to keep the court out of the political fray. It is expected that many of these cases will come down as the election gears up and political tensions continue to flare. 

Dozens of protesters appeared outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house October 6 — the anniversary of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation calling for him to be removed.

They are fearful that Bret Kavanaugh, who took the seat of Anthony Kennedy, is going to move the court to the right on some of those issues,” said Supreme Court reporter Ariane de Vogue. 

Republican presidents have nominated five to the Supreme Court, including Justice Neil Gorsuch.

“Our job is just to make sure the law that you, that we, the people have enacted through our Constitution or through our democratic processes,” said Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch. “Everyone gets the benefit of that law.” 

The remaining four were nominated by Democratic presidents, including justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Other topics to be addressed this term include religious liberty and, possibly, the legality of ObamaCare.