Students Anxiously Await the Results of the Tablet COVID-19 Fundraiser

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By Emily Drooby

The Tablet Newspaper’s COVID Relief Fundraiser is a tight race. The contest is now closed and the scores are being tallied.

Noelle Pianoforte thinks her school, St. Athanasius Catholic Academy in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, has a good shot at winning. She personally sold over 25 newspaper subscriptions which means big money for both her and her school.

“What made me want to sell so many is so I could raise money for my school,” fifth grader Noelle said.

Each subscription was a $20 sale, with $5 going to the school and $10 going to the student. It’s money that can be a big relief explained Msgr. David Cassato.

“They can help their parents pay their tuition with that and it’s a great incentive for the kids to do it, help mom and dad out,” said Msgr. Cassato, the diocesan vicar for Catholic schools the pastor of St. Athanasius Church. “Everyone is struggling in this COVID time.”

He said it was a great competition.

“Many people participated and I’m praying St. Athanasius was the highest school,” Msgr. Cassato said.

Of 52 schools that participated in the fundraiser competition, St. Athanasius has emerged as a major contender for the top prizes including thousands of dollars.

However, principal Diane Competello says no matter what the results, their school already won.

“Even if we don’t win as the highest school, we have won in many other ways,” Diane said. “In getting our children to work together toward a common goal and to instill in everybody that you can help. This is a way you can help.”

Just as important was that the students had fun, which is something that was very much needed during this difficult year. Orders are still being tallied, but a winner will be named by the end of the month.

“It was good to see them excited about something because it was a hard year from the COVID,” Diane said. “We had so many limitations on so many things, so to be excited about something together as a school community is something beautiful to see.”