As States Reopen Amid Pandemic, Head of St. Petersburg Diocese Shares What Parishioners Can Expect

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Currents News Staff

In the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida, Catholics are starting a new normal.

On May 11 churches celebrated public Mass as the state entered its first phase of re-opening. 

But the services aren’t the same as they were before the pandemic.

The diocese is taking the public’s health very seriously – not all of its parishes have been opened. 

Churches in many places around the country including New York City – the epicenter of the crisis- remain closed.

In the meantime, the Diocese of St. Petersburg may be looked to as a guide.

Bishop Gregory Parkes, head of the diocese, joins Currents News to detail some of the precautions that are in place for reopening, and what advice he would give to dioceses who may follow suit.